at the table, no one grows old

italian antipasti

"a tavola non si invecchia" 

there's an italian expression: "at the table, no one grows old". we think it perfectly encapsulates the idea that the italian meal is meant to be an experience of good feelings shared with others, a source of comfort and relaxation. and these days, we all need a little more of that.

la tavola: a place to gather

while the masculine word tavolois almost exclusively used to describe a table as a piece of furniture, the feminine word "tavola" is used to describe the table - not as a piece of furniture - but rather as a place to gather, commune and share a meal.

the art of eating before you eat

antipasti is a warm and informal way to welcome friends and family to the table. in italian tradition, the care taken in its preparation has always been a way to express affection for those present and gratitude for the time you’re able to spend together.  that’s why presentation is so important. the colors and artfulness of antipasti let those fortunate enough to be gathered around know that it’s time to relax, indulge and be present.  so what are you waiting for?  mangiamo!

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